Soft Skills Academy is a five-day seminar that encourages students to develop their personal and professional skills, needed for a successful career, even though the traditional way of studying cannot provide it to them. Seminar participants will take part in the trainings such as presentation and communication skills, team building, time management and other related topics. Students will gain a great experience, and also meet potential problems that may be waiting for them in the near future, also understand problem from different perspectives to expand their views and change their way of thinking.

This year’s seminar will be held for the sixth time in a row. In the past five years Seminar encountered great interest. Huge interest and 800 applicants from all faculties in Belgrade, demanded very strict criteria, as we select the 50 best and most ambitious.

The seminar will be held from 19th to 23rd of May in the conference rooms at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Trainings will be held by international EESTEC certified coaches, representatives of consulting companies and companies with which we cooperate. The event will once again bring together 50 students from all faculties in Belgrade. After the seminar, participants will receive a certificate signed by the organizers and by the general sponsor of the project. The project is free of charge for all the participants.

The significance of the project is recognized by the University of Belgrade and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.